5 Things We Love About Houston

Feb 1
houston graffiti

1. The Tex-Mex

Houston offers a variety of options when it comes to finding amazing Tex-Mex restaurants. Because of the large number of cultures in Houston, you can also find unique infusions of Tex-Mex and other amazing flavors.

2. The Green Space

Although Houston is a giant city, it also has an abundance of green space. It has multiple parks and walking trails, all within a short distance from downtown. Discovery Green is right across from the George R. Brown Convention Center if you are looking for a park near TRA Marketplace!

3. Houston Keeps It in the Loop

Houstonians consider the trendiest area in Houston to be "inside the loop," meaning inside of Inner Loop, or Interstate 610. This is where you'll find local food, museums and shopping, spacious parks, downtown, and most importantly, the George R. Brown Convention Center. The convention center is where TRA Marketplace is being held this year, so be sure you catch the latest trends this year!

4. The Diversity

Houston is a huge hub for many different cultures. Some of Houston's major industries and reputable universities draw people from all over the world to live, work, and study. This also translates to the many different cuisines that the city of Houston has to offer.


As we mentioned above, Houston's diversity translates straight into their restaurant options. No matter where you are in Houston, you're never too far from a diverse dining experience. Houston has more than 10,000 restaurants representing over 70 countries!