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The 5C's to Social Media Success

"The 5C's to Social Media Success" is about encouraging you to extract your magic and take a deep dive of Courage to share vulnerably, create engaging Content, curate a thriving social media Community that Converts, prepare content with intention Consistently and Commit to showing up for your following and yourself for limitless success! Giselle will be all about you and your untapped potential to build influence that gives you unlimited opportunities to create and connect your magic.


Sunday, July 11, 2021


9:45am - 10:30am


Panhandle Culinary Theater, sponsored by Coca-Cola


Giselle Mascarenhas, Bold Media / Bold Instatute


Giselle Mascarenhas-Villareal

Giselle Mascarenhas

Born and raised on South Texas's border, Giselle Mascarenhas-Villareal makes her living as an entrepreneur and personal branding coach. Her entrepreneurial journey began as a nightclub owner from 2000-2009. She found herself doing the work of a publicist for several years for some of the high-profile individuals she met as a night-club owner and spent many years perfecting her process, building brands for high and low profile clients. Founding Indigo PR firm in 2013, Giselle was looking for a more accessible, affordable, and effective way to help people brand themselves. Over the next 5 years, the vast boom of social media and her passion for small business inspired her to modernize her idea of personal branding. With the immense untapped potential that social media presented, BOLD Insta-tute was born. Created for the entrepreneur, the focus of BOLD is to teach late-adapters to social media on how to show up authentically and consistently to build their influence, community, and business. Giselle teaches her students that you cannot “corporate” your way into people’s hearts with a specialty in helping people have the courage to show themselves. Her numerous tips and tools explain that relatability and vulnerability are essential to building a fruitful and engaged social media community. Giselle continues to pursue her life’s passion for helping others succeed by extracting their magic and purpose, actively redefining what it means to be a branding coach. Her unique perspective and talents have been featured in  Yahoo Finance, Thrive Global, and Buzzfeed. Giselle teaches on a global scale, including the women’s organization Femcity and has courses, programs, and tips at